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Saturday Snapshot invites bloggers to share photos. When I came back from Newfoundland this past summer, I wanted to find some hiking trails in Nebraska. Indian Cave has them! As part of my birthday celebrations in August, Andy and I visited Indian Cave.

Before embarking on hikes, Andy and I took the stairs up to the cave for which the park is named. Apparently, there are fifteen carvings or petroglyphs. I found only six. 😦 Besides petroglyphs, Andy and I also saw an unusual formation in the rock.




Not far from the cave, we hiked our first trail. It was slick and steep. The day was also a buggy one. As I took this photo, probably a dozen mosquitoes buzzed around me. The view at the top was almost worth the climb.



We met a couple coming up and asked them how much was left to the trail. They said not far. it sure didn’t feel that way! On the way down the trail, we saw toads. We also weird formations on trees. The lady we met on the trail was pregnant. As we didn’t hear any reports of tragedies at Indian Cave, I’m guessing she survived the trail. We almost didn’t!




One trail down, Andy and I checked out the old schoolhouse. To the side was a merry-go-round.



After walking three steep trails, we took a flat one around marshy land. It was a long trail with lots of pretty scenery.



The birds were too far away for me to get close shots. I focused instead of building up a collection of butterfly photos. My favorites are of the mating butterflies, which we spied on the return trail.



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