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I’m happy sad; summer is here.

On the last of school, I was taking down photos and other memorabilia from my classroom walls. One of my students came by to pick up a friendship chain my reading groups had created. She observed, “The classroom looks empty and lonely.” I agreed, telling her that I wanted to cry, because I’d miss all of them. That was a very true sentiment.

At the same time, I understood every teacher who during the past weeks exclaimed, “I need a break!” Already, I appreciate that last night I could stay out late with friends and this morning I could recover by sleeping late. It’s also lovely getting to remind myself of how quiet and unhurried life can be. Teaching always involves hustle and bustle, as one juggles multiple tasks. It will be nice for a couple of months to focus on family and hobbies.


That’s my week. What about yours?


Busy every day; mind overly tired

Last week, I reported on how much is to juggle at the end of the school year as a teacher. Somehow I guess I forget … because this past week I packed every evening full too.

  • On Monday, my husband and I attended our last adoption meeting until September. It was a question and answer format with the director.
  • Then on Tuesday, I gave my last private tutoring lesson to a writing student. We spent our time turning his story into a picture book. Right after it was Bible Study. I won’t have another meeting now until August.
  • On Wednesday, I went to my last watercolor class. Or at least it was going to be my final one. Then two of us in attendance decided to extend our time by paying for private lessons.
  • Then on Thursday, my mother-in-law and I attended the musical Oliver at our community playhouse. It’s the one of the best performances we have seen together, but the late 10:00 ending hour hurt me.
  • And, on Friday, Gizmo’s former owner visited. She brought Gizmo a durable toy, one that will his strong teeth a workout. Gizmo seemed excited to see her, despite it being a year.

In my defense, you’ll notice a lot of “last” meetings. In other words, school isn’t the only place which wraps up before the start of summer.

Unfortunately, this makes for a doubly-hectic time. On Friday, I paid for it, in that it took an hour to write one paragraph of a review. While I did finally get my review done, nothing else got done during my writing time.

Today…. my husband and I are attending a charity event. Otherwise, we have a low-key day planned. Whew!

That’s my week. What about yours?


School year almost over; hectic time

There are still two weeks left to school but everything this month has been geared so much around that end date that I’m starting to feel drained. There have been final tests to give, celebration parties to hold, last assemblies to attend, field trips to supervise, and report cards to fill out. Needless to say, it’s been a lot to juggle.

On top of this, if you add in the warm weather, there also seems to be a much greater need for brain breaks. Lots of them. The number of lectures I’ve given about how school isn’t out yet also keeps increasing with each day.

Ah me. I’m so ready to be done with teaching, but I’ll also miss this year’s students. It’s been a pleasure to see them come out of their shells and to see them overcome hurdles.

That’s my week. What about yours?


Friend has cancer, ailing pet: Pray!

A couple in our Bible Study group recently received the devastating news that he has a rare form of cancer. Their angst started a few months back when he got pneumonia and it didn’t go away after a few rounds of antibiotics. When they checked him into the hospital, tests revealed that there might be more going on than met the eye. Then this week they got the diagnosis: Pulmonary lymphomatoid granulomatosis. The doctors think it started as a virus, but aren’t sure how he got it. He’s going to need chemo treatment and eventually a bone marrow transplant. In addition, continuous fever and pain are associated with this illness. It’s go to a long and difficult road, with a lot of financial burden. Our church has already started regular prayer sessions and fundraising campaigns. I’m asking for my readers in the faith to lift my friends up in prayer.

Also, this week, our dog whom we recently adopted got diagnosed with pancreatitis. This is the same dog who has Cushings and is at least partially blind and deaf. For those of you who don’t want pancreatitis is I’ll start by explaining that the pancreas is part of the endocrine and digestive system, which is integral for the digestion of food. If the pancreas becomes inflamed, enzymes are forced into the abdominal area, where they begin to break down the fat and proteins of various organs.In other words, the body begins to digest itself. Right now, we’re treating the disease by putting Gizmo on a liquid-only diet, which will give his pancreas a rest. Obviously, what complicates everything is that Gizmo has a host of other conditions too, and so he could use a prayer too.

That’s my week. What about yours?


Doing well; Enjoy the Easter weekend!

The past few months I have not been doing well. I suffer from Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), which among other things leaves me tired, aching, moody, depressed, and craving sugar. It goes in bouts, but recently it’s gotten pretty bad. So, I vamped up the vitamins. I also started limiting my intake of snacks and sweets. For now at least, I’m doing better.

Another factor that hasn’t helped my health are all the hours I spent on my novel and on nothing else. When I finally finished my second draft, a monster of 120,000 words, I decided to diversify my life. Evenings during the week, I’m attending a church Bible Study, tutoring, and taking an art class. As for my weekends, those are now restricted to activities which do not involve my novel. I’ve started helping out with animal rescue and creating scrapbooks of my pets. It’s nice to feel more balanced!

That’s my week. What about yours?

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