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Animal Ambassadors: Saving Animals in Newfoundland

Posted on: September 12, 2016

Having spent the past month posting photos from my most recent trip to Newfoundland, I thought it an ideal time to share links to a couple of articles I wrote about animal welfare groups in my home province. One rescues cats and dogs; the other is trying to save the iconic Newfoundland pony. Enjoy!

Two years ago, I started following the misadventures of Milo, a cat who came to Central Paws as a kitten. Just skin and bones at the time of his surrender, followers of the volunteer group’s Facebook page saw Milo fill out in size to a healthy cat while at the same time apparently develop medical and/or behavioral issues. Yet he was proving so affectionate, curious, and playful that many like me were falling for him and wishing him a forever home. In the summer of 2015, while on a visit to my hometown of Grand Falls-Windsor in my home province of Newfoundland, I made it a priority to meet the founder of Central Paws and to check out the cat whose stories had demanded my attention….

To read more check out my post Homeless Pets in Central Newfoundland.

You might also find of interest a review of mine about three animal books by a Newfoundland author: Take a Picture Journey with Catherine Simpson.

NLPoniesGroupThe eleven ponies living at the Newfoundland Pony Sanctuary are of all ages. The youngest are just two-years-old, and both have their own special story. Kate was named after royalty, while Angel is a special-needs filly who initially had to be bottle-fed every few hours. The three oldest are in their twenties and thirties, and have their own stories too. Twenty-three-year-old Heidi was rescued from an abusive situation. Although she remains shy of strangers, she shows great care and affection to her two foals. Twenty-eight-year-old Strawberry is one of the originals of the Sanctuary. She’s described as an “old-timer who has a breathing problem called heaves,” and is one of the horses who has benefited from the Sanctuary’s new barn in 2015. The new barn helps her breathing because “there’s less dust floating around and her hay can be watered down daily”. And finally there’s thirty-year-old, Princess, who is considered sweet and a lover of attention. She has one foal, Charm. When Charm herself became a mother, the Sanctuary gained the proud distinction of having four generations of the Newfoundland pony.

To read more check out my post Saving the Newfoundland Pony.

You might also find of interest a review of mine about a book by a Newfoundland author that features the aforementioned Sanctuary: Newfoundland Pony Tales by Marion Brake.


2 Responses to "Animal Ambassadors: Saving Animals in Newfoundland"

All God’s creatures should be well cared for. It makes me sad to see abuse of any animals.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

There are so many caring people in animal welfare groups! It makes me feel good to know they exist and to share their stories. Have a good day!

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