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Anita Silvey’s Book-A-Day Almanac

Award for Literature Which Portrays Children with Disabilities

Best Friends Book Club

Bookish Marriage Proposals

Children’s Author E.L. Konisberg Has Died

Creator of the Herdmans Family Has Died

Dianne Ochiltree Wins Gwen P. Reichert Gold Medal

Inspiring Others Through Sports Books

National Ambassador for Children’s Literature Award

Netflix for Books!

New Imprint to Reissue Vintage Young Adult Novels

Oscar Nod to Children’s Books

Scholastic’s List of 100 Best Books for Kids

Scholastic’s ReadYA Week

School Wins Author Visit!

Turning Lessons Into Stories

Two Medal Winners!

What Do Young People Want in Books?


Book or Movie First?

Call to Ban Anne Frank’s Diary

Can Independent Bookstores Survive?

Censorship Revisited

Classics for Babies!?

E-Books For Young Children

Favorite Book from Childhood?

Gamification of Books

If Young Adult Books Were Real

Is Media “Just Entertainment”?

My Growing Dislike of Dystopia Fiction

Picture Books: No Longer A Staple for Children?

Proud to be a Bookworm!

Reading Inspiration from Picture Books

Should Teens Be Allowed to Read Eleanor and Park?

Should We Let the Classics Die?

Stereotypes and a Multimedia Challenge

Traveling the World Through Children’s Books

What About Anti-Heroes?

What Type of Reader are You?

Why Teach Our Children to Read?

What’s So Great About Books Anyway?

Why Does Disability Literature Matter?


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