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Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket)

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Adapting a Classic by Jerome Tiller

A Dog is Not a Throw Pillow by Andy Frederick

Filipino Christmas Q&A with Leonora Hunter

Filipino Q&A by Leonora Hunter

Growing up the Daughters of Betsy Byars by Betsy Duffey and Laurie Myers

How Do I Look? by Daree Allen

Helping Children Grieve a Pet’s Death by Betty Carmack

Understanding Autism by Diane Christiansen

Red Wolf and Reconciliation by Jennifer Dance

When To Talk to Your Parents by Tara Fairfield

The Announcement of Jesus’ Birth by Rose Harmer

No Crib for a Bed by Deborah Heal

Writing Historical Fiction by Deborah Heal

A Few Favorite Christmas Stories by Bob Hunter

Indifference or Worship? by Bob Hunter

Saint Valentine by Bob Hunter

Nowhere Near Perfect by Shekinah Hunter

On Making Mistakes by Brian Lies

Writing Across Racial/Cultural Barriers for Multicultural Storytelling by Lynn Joseph

YA Books & the Need for Stories that Represent our Ethnically Diverse Society by Camille Picott

How Does A Writer Make an Historical Setting Come Alive? by Helen Sedwick

Make ‘Em Laugh by Laura Toffler-Corrie

Philippines Q&A with Leonora Hunter

Something Worthwhile to Say by H.S. Toshack

Writing Family Memories by Pamela Tuck

The Story Behind Creature Features by Tim Rowland

Adoption Books for Children by Sheila Kelly Welch

Author Interviews

Albin, Gennifer

Ashley-Hollinger, Mika

Augarde, Steve

Ayarbe, Heidi

Baker, Dawn

Barlics, Brian

Barnes, Deborah

Barnes, Peter and Cheryl

Barnes, Scott

Bauer, Marion

Belford, Bibi

Beyer, Ramsey

Blount, Jeffrey

Brake, Marion

Brainard, Cecilia

Brown, Jennifer

Brown-Wood, Janay

Bruel, Nick

Buffington, Eric

Campbell, Jeff

Carmack, Betty

Cervantes, Angela

Christensen, Bonnie

Christiansen, Diane

Crandell, Bethany

Creith, Elizabeth

Crowder, Melanie

Dance, Jennifer

Darling, Harriet

Dean, Janice

Deem, James

DeGraff, Andrew

Draper, Sharon

Erskine, Kathryn 1

Erskine, Kathryn 2

Fairfield, Tara

Fenton-Jordan, Christy

Frith, Sherry

Fry, Jennifer

Franklin, Miriam Spitzer

Gamber, Jackie

Giles, Gail

Goo, Maureen

Grande, Reyna

Gray, Dianne

Hansen, Ace

Hashway, Kelly

Hautala, Beth

Henry, April

Hoffman, Amanda

Hoffman, Pam

Hoose, Phillip

Hunt, Elizabeth Singer

Hupton, Nick

Ingram, Valerie

Johnson, Charles

Johnson, Elisheba

Joseph, Evan

Joseph, Lynn

Keefe, Eva

Kent, Derek Taylor

Kinrade, Kimberly

Kunkel, Jeff

Kurrus, Jeff

Lacamara, Laura

Lanthier, Jennifer

Lee, Mark

Levine, Richard

Lin, Grace

Lowe, E. Van

Lindman, Lisa

Lubner, Susan

Magerl, Caroline

Major, Kevin

Mazer, Anne

McCall, Guadalupe Garcia

McClure, Beverly Stowe

McCubbin, Heather

McMurry, Kate and August, Marie

Meyer, Marissa

Miller, Stephen

Minnema, Cheryl

Moulder, Holly

Mountain, Lee

Ochiltree, Dianne

O’Connor, Sheila

Oslo, Avery

Palmer, J. Bean

Parker, Katie McHugh and HcMugh, Sean

Picott, Camille

Pippin-Mathur, Courtney

Potter, Ellen

Preus, Margi

Pyron, Bobbie

Robinson, Diane

Robinson, Hilda

Roers, Natalie

Rosengren, Gayle

Schatt, Stan

Sedwick, Helen

Sellon, Sue Ann

Shepherd, Rajean

Storey, Mags

Stuart, Cynthia

Sweenie, Susan

Swick, Carmen

Toffler-Corrie, Laura

Toshack, H.S.

Vernick, Audrey

Walters, Nicole

Welch, Sheila Kelly

Wilson, Constance

Wilson, Janet

Williams-Garcia, Rita

Wing, Natasha

Wolf, Mark

Woodland, Lana

Wright, Daniel

Ymer, Robin

Zarr, Sara

Zoss, Lori

Author Tourist Sites

Louisa May Alcott: Massuchusetts

Lucy Maud Montgomery: Prince Edward Island

Other Interviews

Goerl, Karla

Grose, Rebecca

Hansen, Nicole

Manning, Linda

Rekulak, Jason

Rose, Teddy

Webb, Rita

Literacy Festivals

Plum Creek Children’s Literacy Festival, 2010

Plum Creek Children’s Literacy Festival, 2011

Plum Creek Children’s Literacy Festival, 2012

Plum Creek Children’s Literacy Festival, 2013

Plum Creek Children’s Literacy Festival, 2014

Plum Creek Children’s Literacy Festival, 2015

Plum Creek Children’s Literacy Festival 2016, Part 1

Plum Creek Children’s Literacy Festival 2016, Part 2

Plum Creek Children’s Literacy Festival 2018, Part 1

Plum Creek Children’s Literacy Festival 2018, Part 2

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