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Critter Photo #42: The Cat Trio and the Solitary Dog Have Moved!

Posted on: October 16, 2017

CINDER: Cinder here!

RAINY: No, Rainy here!

CINDER: If you’re helping write this post, then Bootsie should be here too.

RAINY: But she’s asleep!

CINDER: And Barnaby should be here.

RAINY: But he’s looking out the window and barking at nothing.

BARNABY: Ruff! I’m here.

BOOTSIE: Yawn! The sun feels so good.

RAINY: Now can we write?!

From the Cat Trio and the Solitary Dog….

As we write this, we’re looking out our bay window onto the backyard with its giant maple tree. There’s a squirrel stealing another tomato from the vegetable garden and two blue jays bickering on the back fence. We’ve been living in our new home for over a month! There have been ups and downs, but now we’re finally feeling settled.

The first days our owners kept us confined to one room. They knew we needed time to adapt, but I think they also wanted to keep us out from underfoot. They finally let us out because we kept meowing and they didn’t want to lose another night of sleep.

RAINY: I was the first out of the room!

CINDER: You were the noisiest one. And you wouldn’t leave their plants alone.

RAINY: Hey, I slept some of the time. And you meowed too!

CINDER: I was the second out of the room! And you only went to sleep when Allison came into the room with us. Even then, you didn’t sleep long. She had to put a pillow by the door to keep you from scratching it. You’re a pest.

RAINY: We all wanted to explore! Remember how we sneaked past the box at the foot of the stairs and checked out the upstairs?

BOOTSIE: That was fun!

RAINY: And remember how we sneaked into the basement when they forgot to close the door?

BOOTSIE: We did?

CINDER: Well, we might have done that without you. I think you were off hiding in the cat tower.

BOOTSIE: I really like the cat towers.

RAINY: Those were some of the “ups”. Should we write about the “downs”?

CINDER: Why not? You were the one who threw up. And kept getting yourself locked in closets. And….

RAINY: We all threw up at least once. Moving is a HUGE change! And the dog is the one who kept peeing in the house….

BARNABY: I get excited watching all the action outside! The living room window is the best!

CINDER: You should join us on the bench in the dining room. The bay window is the best.

BARNABY: There are more people and dogs and cats out front. And the bench is too high for me.

RAINY: Can you believe the people next door have a cat that looks like me? And that our owners have petted it?

BOOTSIE: Why shouldn’t they pet it? They like cats.

CINDER: But they’re our owners!

BOOTSIE: You get jealous about everything.

CINDER: And you get scared of everything.

BOOTSIE: Do not!

RAINY: Yawn! I love how the sun shines through the back door. It makes me want to roll over and sleep. Can we post this now?!

BARNABY: Shhh! I think they’re home.

RAINY: We didn’t write about the visitors.

CINDER: Our owners are almost over their colds. Maybe they’ll want to write about that?

BOOTSIE: I like this photo where we’re all together with Allison.

CAT TRIO & BARNABY: Thanks for reading our story!

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4 Responses to "Critter Photo #42: The Cat Trio and the Solitary Dog Have Moved!"

moving can be so traumatic for our 4 legged babies…good for you to take such good care!

Since I posted this story, a couple of friends have asked me for moving advice. My fur babies like that they’ve gotten so much attention!

Awww, so adorable and it’s great that you let each of them write part of this post. Adorable.

Enjoy your new home.

Hope you had a purrfect and woof woof Awww Monday. ☺

I kept trying to get them to write the post together but they insisted on taking turns. 😉 We’re glad you liked the post!

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