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Critter Photo #46

Posted on: November 20, 2017

“Feed us!” the cat trio meowed.

“Privacy!” I scolded.

But the cat trio ignored me. Why should they care that I’m taking a bath to relax? All they knew was that their internal clocks were telling them it’s time to eat.

I sighed and turned another page in my book. Rainy jumped on to the edge of the tub. She butted my book with her head. I smiled and stroked her chin. She purred and tilted her head towards me. I put down my book and held out my hands. She let me pick her up and hold her.

Thump! Cinder jumped on to the toilet seat. And then back down. Her tail swished back and forth. I glanced at her. She scuffed the bathroom rug with her claws. Rainy squirmed out of my hands. Pounce! She landed on Cinder and the two began to wrestle. Yowl! Cinder unwrapped herself from the squabble and left.

All this time, Bootsie sat on the sidelines. My bath interrupted anyway, I reached my hand out to her. Bootsie turned and let me scratch her back. Then she faced me and leaned forward to sniff my fingers. I didn’t have any food. She stared at me and then turned to leave too.

Except at that moment, the bathroom door swung further open. Barnaby strutted in and wagged his tail. I cupped my hand in my chin. “You have a very cool bone,” I told him. He dropped his bone and tapped his feet on the floor. “I’m going to eat your bone!” I teased him. He barked, picked up his bone, and ran out the door.

Bootsie followed him, leaving me with just Rainy. She stared quietly at me. I gave up and let the water drain out of the tub. When the water was gone, I once again picked Rainy up. This time, I placed her in the tub. She explored, lifting her feet like a ballerina, as the paws hit the wet surface. I watched her and laughed. Then I picked up my book and headed to the door. In a single bound, Rainy jumped out of the tub and then barreled past me to the kitchen.

“Feed us!” the cat trio meowed.

“You win!” I answered.

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2 Responses to "Critter Photo #46"

When they are hungry that’s all that matters. Your bath means nothing. I would have done the same as you did.

Hope you have a purrfect Awww Monday. ☺

Our cats are spoiled. 😉 Have a great Thanksgiving!

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