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Six-Word Saturday Meme #44

Posted on: June 21, 2014


Vacation with family; much-needed break

As I write this, Andy and I have been in Newfoundland for two weeks with my family. We flew instead of drove this summer and so it’s been a more low-key visit. That’s actually been fine with me.

Andy and I have enjoyed family devotions, home-cooked meals, and table games with my family. We’ve also spent a lot of time soaking in the atmosphere of the town and exploring the town bog. The latter is mostly part of my ongoing research for my novel. However, I’m also trying to paint a couple bog scenes. Of course, we’ve also taken time to visit some relatives.

There’s been ample time to read and sleep. I’ve read several religious magazines which my dad saved for me over the year, as well as some books recommended by my sister. Andy has read so many books that he finished the ones that he brought in his carry-on and had borrow a couple more from the library.

This year’s visit has featured a few special events. For the first time in years, I’ve been here for both my dad’s birthday and Father’s Day. I also took my step-mom out for a belated Mother’s Day meal. My brother graduated from our community college’s transition program, and we attended that ceremony yesterday. There’s also one huge highlight left: my sister is graduating from high school this year and we will be here for the ceremonies.

That’s my week. What about yours?

10 Responses to "Six-Word Saturday Meme #44"

Sounds like a fun filled busy visit!

Andy and I missed getting to take day trips the way we would when we drive. Otherwise, we’re quite content.

What an eventful week you’ve had, sounds like your vacation has been a slamming succes 🙂

Here’s my 6 🙂

Yes, it’s been a great vacation.

Sounds like it’s been a great week!

Yes, weeks like this one make retirement sound not so bad. 🙂

wow- jam packed week!

Oh, it’s been a far less busy week than those during my teaching year. 🙂

I’m overdue for summa dat stuff.

I hope you soon get some downtime. 🙂

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