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Animal Activist and Author, Peggy Krause

Posted on: July 7, 2015

Although I grew up caring about animals, I didn’t really get involved with rescue until about ten years ago. Even then, my involvement evolved slowly, with my initial efforts amounting to sporadic visits to a no-kill shelter. A few years back as part of a Teaching of Writing certificate program, I developed a writing club curriculum that focused on animal rescue. This summer, I’ll finally have the chance to try out the lessons I created. As part of my preparation, I’m reading some of the many books I’ve collected over the years about animal rescue, with the first being Finding My Molly by Peggy Krause.

Usually, I have pair an upcoming review with a teaser. However, I have been unable to find much info about the author beyond an About the Author page in her book. This bio shares that Krause loves both children and animals. Because of these passions, she wrote Finding My Molly, which is on the National Humane Education Society’s recommended reading list.

Amazon’s Author Page provides a few more details about Krause. For example, she grew up very poor, being the second oldest of six children raised by a single mother in a suburb of Chicago. Now Krause is an animal rights activist who devotes several hours each week volunteering at a nearby animal shelter. She lives in a suburb of Chicago with her four cats.

In addition, Krause is the author of four books in a Kitty series, written for seven to eleven year olds. Krause writes to entertain and to make young people think. Adults apparently recommend her books because of their many messages of kindness to animals.

The About the Author page in Finding My Molly also notes that although the story at times disparages dogs, in real life Krause loves all animals including dogs. The reason Finding My Molly doesn’t speak favorably of dogs is because it’s written from the perspective of cats who have been terrorized by them.

Finding My Molly is one of several books that I own about animal rescue and have been written for young people. I’ll review a few of them this month, along with more writing guides. Make Allison’s Book Bag the blog to visit in July!

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