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Six-Word Saturday #64

Posted on: August 29, 2015


Looking back over a bittersweet summer

When I last wrote, another school year had been about to end and the promise of summer vacation loomed ahead. The past three months, since I took an unintended break from Six-Word-Saturday, have been bittersweet.

Gizmo TributeHow so? In the spring, just as the weather started to become nice, our adopted silky terrier lost his battle with pancreatisis. We said goodbye to Gizmo on May 23. You can read my husband’s tribute here.

In that same month, our Trap-Neuter-Release group also experienced heartache. Floods took from us two cats we had fondly dubbed the Gravel Road boys.

Out of that latter tragedy came sweetness. During the floods, another nearby colony had also been in danger. My husband and I decided to foster the friendliest feral of the cats.

The rest of my summer proved hectic but pleasant. My husband and I took our annual vacation to Newfoundland to visit my family. Upon our return, I taught two summer writing clubs for the first time. Before school started up again, I also managed to squeeze in a week of rest and relaxation.

More news in weeks to come! How was your summer?


6 Responses to "Six-Word Saturday #64"

Our summer was hot and busy. Lots of visitors, lots of potluck parties- a good summer. Sorry to read about your beloved Gizmo and the floods taking the cats. May your autumn be better.

Sounds like you had a fun summer! Friends, food, and activities. Just the way it should be.

Autumn sees us with a full household of three cats and a dog. Also, there are a lot of potentially positive changes at my teaching job. So far so good. 🙂

My summer has been gorgeous, been away for a bit of it but now my cat has the hump with me (my six word sat). So sorry about your dog and the cats. Very sad indeed but pleased you found happy times on your break and teaching. xxx

When my husband and I returned from our one-month vacation, my cat curled up with me that night in our bed. Very unusual behavior for her! She’s not a lap cat. 😦

After a few days, Cinder returned to her own ways. At night, she runs around the house for hours. Only after I’m asleep will she maybe sneak into our room and curl up at my feet.

Cats are all different, aren’t they? 😉

Summer here’s about 3-5 days long. We’re hoping to get in one or two more before the snow flies. We had to migrate south for warmer weather this year. Gearing up for winter now, because Autumn usually lasts about a week and a half.

Ironically, my husband and I enjoy spending our summer vacations in Newfoundland, because this affords us cooler weather. 🙂 With fall around the corner, temperatures here are finally starting to feel pleasant. 🙂

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