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Six-Word Saturday #92

Posted on: September 15, 2017


Five days to find our sheets!

In June, I wrote that in addition to all the major twists and turns in life this year, there was another one on the horizon. Our landlady had called to tell us that she intended to sell her remaining rentals. We had about three months to find a new place. The end of July, God blessed us with our dream home.

This led to an incredibly busy August. I began working ahead on all my writing commitments: reviewing Advanced Reader Copies for Allison’s Book Bag, enlisting guest bloggers for Lincoln Animal Ambassadors, and writing articles for Lincoln Kids. By the end of August, these tasks were all completed, freeing me from those responsibilities in September.

Early August, my husband and I weeding our stuff with the goal of a yard sale. We created signs and price lists and advertised on Craig’s list. Mid-August we held our sale. I enjoyed getting to meet people, wrangle prices with them, and hear stories. As we were packing up leftovers to bring to Goodwill, a wedding bus pulled up. Members of the wedding party put together a basket of goodies from our yard sale as a gift for the bride and groom. What a memorable first yard sale! Oh, and we raised enough to hire college students to help us move.

On September 8, we closed on our new house. Thanks goes to our real estate agent. He took care of us every step of the way. He also gave us a gift card and cookies as a parting gift. The next day we rented a moving truck. Thanks goes to our friends who provided us with boxes and for the four college students who worked eight hours for modest pay and pizza. Much gratitude as well to our neighbor who gave us food for the road. The cheese, meat, and cracker platter provided us with lunches for several days. Without it, we would have resorted to fast food.

Ah moving! We had labeled all our boxes and deposited them to assigned spots. Every day too we stayed up until nearly 10:00 p.m. unpacking stuff. Yet it still took us three days to find cookware and five days to find sheets. We’re still looking for a can opener. Over all though, we’re making good progress and enjoying our first home.


2 Responses to "Six-Word Saturday #92"

Best wishes in finding everything. We’re looking forward to seeing your new home on our forthcoming visit.

Today we’ll move everything that’s left at our rental over to our new place and get it unpacked. Then we’ll buy some necessities. We’re looking forward to showing you our new home.

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