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Snapshot Meme: Unexpected Date Day

Posted on: September 13, 2013

Saturday Snapshot invites bloggers to share photos. A couple of days ago, my husband and I took our foster dog to a veterinarian in a nearby town who specialists in neurologist tests. While there, we ended up having an unexpected date day.

At first, we weren’t thinking of the day as a date. The vet advised us to drop off Gizmo and he would call with test results later that morning.  We made the dangerous choice of heading to a nearby Barnes and Noble to use the bathroom, browse, and wait. I checked out writing books, craft books, and many other nonfiction fields, before heading to the children’s section and then the young adult section. While I did make a mental note of four books to add to my wish list, I did manage to NOT purchase a single book. As for my husband, he looked at mysteries, horror, and sports books, before taking a seat to listen to recorded radio talk shows. He also stayed on alert for our cell phone to ring.

After the call, we decided it was too late to head back to work. Well, my husband could have put in some hours, but my substitute would have already showed. Earlier we had seen a couple of sushi restaurants, one of them being a buffet, and decided to stay in town for lunch. Our unexpected date started with our trying to find the buffet. Around and around we drove. We even checked our recent route on the GPS. At one point, my husband mentioned the familiar landmark of a golf store. Then we kept driving, becoming more and more frustrated at our inability to find the buffet, when we finally located it. Right next to the golf store! We had only driven by it multiple times. Well, it was worth searching for, because it had plate after plate of sushi and tray after tray of other Asian offerings.



We decided to talk off our meal by visiting a lake. The trail around it twisted and turned, as well as offered a beautiful and varied view. Sphinx moth were so abundant, it initially seemed we might stay rooted to one spot. Eventually though, we pushed forward, the sun beating on our head and back. We walked for an hour, before deciding it was time to turn back, if we wanted to get me back home in time for two required school meetings. On our way in and out, we saw a frog. And just short of leaving the trail, a pheasant flew into the path and towards the lake. Wow!




But, more lay ahead. The heat had made us both thirsty and so went driving around to find a place that served root beers floats. We gave up after ending up, of all places, at a manufacturer that distributed soft drink. On the way to my first meeting though, we finally were able to treat ourselves to large, cold, guzzling floats.

As for the call, it was most welcome too! The vet said that Gizmo can feel pain in his back legs, which is good. It means that with treatment, he might recover use of them. For treatment, Gizmo was placed on steroids and held for observation. Because the steroids have already helped, we can pick Gizmo back up this Saturday. A perfect day!

22 Responses to "Snapshot Meme: Unexpected Date Day"

Great date!

One of our more memorable outings!

I sure pray the Gizmo has continued healing. It looks like you had a good day.

Gizmo is home again! He can stand and exert some control over his back legs. It’s probably going to be a slow recovery, but we’re still hoping and praying he’ll walk again.

Your nature shots are really lovely. I think it is a typo, but it made me smile, as it would be so great if you could talk off a meal!

Hmm, I meant “walk off a meal”. 🙂 Although as fast as I’ve needed to talk these days to get in all my meetings, maybe I could increase my metabolism enough to burn calories. I wish!

Looks like a great day. I love the thistles. Not sure that is what they are, but you took a great shot.

Silver’s Reviews
My Saturday Snapshot

While walking across a bridge, we saw some purple thistles growing in the cracks. Beyond them were the white flowers, or thistle seeds, which I posted a photo of. Breathtaking view!

Isn’t that nice when you get a surprise date day! Fun lunch and beautiful walk photos. Thanks for sharing!

At the start of the day, we had no idea how long we would be out of town or how we would feel after the vet visit. Sometimes those unplanned days are the best 🙂

How wonderful that you were able to take the opportunity to enjoy the day together–despite the “help” of your GPS!

A GPS is both a blessing and a curse. True, the GPS didn’t help much in finding the sushi restaurant. It did prove practical though when trying to find an area to walk.

Glad you had such a good time, and I like the pictures – especially the thistle seeds. My Snapshot is at – still on my other blog,

Ah, thanks for identifying the white flowers for me. 🙂

Glad it was good news at the vets, for you and Gizmo. Unexpected sushi is always a good thing, the walk looks nice too, sphinx moths look interesting.

The meal only cost $10 each. Cheap for sushi!

My husband’s face when he told me the news about Gizmo was priceless. He almost didn’t get through the news without his voice breaking from happiness. Gizmo has stole our hearts. 🙂

I love days that turn out that way – good for you!

This is actually our second weird date of the week. I’ll write about our first in my next Saturday Snapshot. 🙂

Sounds like a successful date day!

We’ve missed having dates like these.

Congratulations, Allison, on the date day and on the good call about Gizmo!

Thank you! All-in-all, a great way to end the week.

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